WAXI research staff will be running three training courses in West Africa over the next 6-12 months, for more information and pre-registration please contact corinne.debat@uwa.edu.au. These courses are open to industry sponsors and non-sponsors alike:

1. Back to the basics applied structural geology & mapping (field course – Ivory Coast)
2. Advanced applied structural geology (field course / mine site – Ghana)
3. Mineral alteration footprints and portable field techniques (ASD, XRF, …) (classroom and field – Burkina Faso)
4. Field Geomorphology and Regolith mapping: (field course – Burkina Faso)
5. Mineral systems and Metallogeny of the Birimian Craton and applications for exploration Targeting: A regional to deposit scale perspective (classroom and field – Burkina Faso)
6. Field and litho-structural mapping and integration of geophysical data (radiometrics, mag.): to be announced (probably in Early 2018)