Personal Development/Growth Institutional Capability Building
“Results are being taught at the National University by our staff. These skills are also being applied during our regular monitoring exercises of Mineral Exploration companies.” Have allowed us to better plan and define our future research plans, in particular in terms of the genesis of a number of deposit types and the application of integrated geological and geophysical targeting.”
“Personally, skills learnt from the course I attended, is directly what I am applying in my PhD work. In all, the course has enlightened my knowledge on new technological approach use in Geology and has made me a better geologist.” “Provided the necessary skills to write the terms of reference for our upcoming country-wide government-funded airborne geophysical survey.” 
“The “Exploration Targeting in a Business Context 2011” training course which I attended in 2011 allowed me to discover a new way of working making it possible to identify targets from analyses of geophysical data before going into the field.” “Have resulted in us starting to assemble a database of company field reports and to update our 200k mapsheets.” 
“The WAXI Training to date has by far helped my career development playing a critical role in aiding me to acquire very rich structural knowledge in assisting ore targeting. This has currently help in the review of Wassa Geology and an increase in the ore reserve base of the company and broadening the understanding of site Geologists. My confidence and authority in Geology has improved tremendously. I owe this all to the WAXI Programme.” “Have resulted in us starting to incorporate geophysical data, especially magnetic data during routine field mapping exercise; we are encouraging collaboration and teamwork among various geoscience professionals during routine field mapping exercises; and we are ensuring that all geoscientists develop some GIS competence.” 
  I was part of the group who attended the Research Management Course from 24 to 28 February 2013. I recognize that this training course has significantly changed my way of working. I now pay more attention than I did before to certain details of research and exploration files which I am asked to examine.”