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Proposed New Committee starting 2017:

Follow a call for nominees, we are please to announce the proposed new Tectask team (pending confirmation):

Executive Committee:

Prof. Rudolfo Carosi – Torino, Italy Chair incoming (2017)
Prof. Manish Mamtani – Kharagpur, India Vice-Chair incoming (2017)
Dr. Hermann Lebit – Houston, USA Secretary General
Dr. Erique Gomez-Rivas – Aberdeen Scotland Treasurer incoming (2017)
2 Commission officers join the Executive Committee.
Prof. Alison Ord, Perth, Australia outgoing Chair (2016)

Prof. Manuel Sintubin, Leuven, Belgium outgoing Vice-Chair (2016)


Prof. Paul Bons – Tübingen, Germany
Prof. John Dewey – Davis, USA/UK
Prof. Kim Hein – South Africa
Prof. Bruce Hobbs – Perth, Australia
Dr. Mark Jessell – Perth, Australia
Prof. Hemin Koyi – Uppsala, Sweden
Prof. Martin Lompo – Burkina Faso
Prof. Neil Manktelow – Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Cees Passchier – Mainz, Germany
Prof. Giorgio Pennacchioni – Padova, Italy
Prof. Sudipta Sengupta – Calcuta, India
Prof. Toru Takeshita – Hiroshima, Japan
Dr. Taija Torvela – University of Leeds, UK (website manager)

Prof. Ron Vernon – Sydney, Australia

Officers to be appointed in 2017:

3 officers have been already selected and approval of appointment will be submitted separately.

Junior Officers:
The statutes of TecTask anticipate appointment of graduate students or postgraduates as
Junior Officers and the executive committee is currently considering candidates for such a position. Past student officers include:

Anna Chanou – University of Western Ontario, Canada

Please contact TecTask executive committee or the website manager using the form behind this password-protected link. You will get the password by registering as a member.