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  Acta Geodinamica   176 
  Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems   244 
  Geodynamics   170 
  Geological Society of Africa   237 
  Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth   277 
  Journal of Structural Geology   216 
  Journal of the Virtual Explorer   169 
  Tectonics   340 
  Tectonophysics   261 
  Australia (Northern Territory), Geophysical data for whole Territory 137 
  Australia (State of South Australia), Geophysical data for whole state 121 
  GM-SYS 2 1/2 forward and inverse modelling of potential-field data, based on drawing cross-sections 145 
  International Conference on Theory and Application of Fault-Related Folding in Foreland Basins 25 June to 4 July 2005, 3 days of meeting in Beijing and 7 days of field trip to view active folds in western China in Tarim, Yenshi, Turfan and Junggar basins adjacent to eastern Tianshan Mountains. 213 
  Gocad 3D Geological modelling environment 235 
  Geotouch 3D GIS system developed for geology & geophysics 163 
  Seismic Modelling Environment 3D Modelling system based on morphing between geological cross-sections 178 
  MI3D & ZAnalyst 3D visualisation add-ons for MapInfo 134 
  11. Symposium Tektonik, Struktur- und Kristallingeologie (TSK 11) 5.-7.April 2006: Göttingen - Contact: Dr. Sonja Brenner, Dept. Structural Geology & Geodynamics, Göttingen, Germany, e-Mail: 285 
  Earth Science Applications Directorate 5x5 degree Landsat Mosaics by UTM Zones (30m pixels!) 151 
  Poly3D and Poly3DGUI A 3D boundary element method code using triangular elements for analyzing 3D data on faults and fractures. 209 
  Virtual field trips: the Leeds collection A bunch of "fieldtrips" to the Moine Thrust Belt (fairly extensive), Subalpine thrust belt of SE France, Nanga Parbat, Lebanon and the Western Gneiss Region of Norway. Mostly designed to support UG teaching in Leeds. 173 
  Unlocking 3D Earth Systems — Harnessing New Digital Technologies to Revolutionize Multi-Scale Geologic Models a Penrose conference... 211 
  e-modules for structural geology A series of e-learning modules have been produced to go withthe structural geology text by Haakon Fossen 183 
  Former USSR Data Access to former USSR geophysical datasets 153 
  BDALTI from National Geografic of France Access to French topographic data 112 
  Mona Access to French topographic data sets 116 
  Greenland Access to Greenland datasets collected by Danish Geological Survey 119 
  United States Geological Survey Access to many open file geophysical datasets 130 
  USGS Topo Data Access to scans of topo sheets 151 
  BUREAU GRAVIMETRIQUE INTERNATIONAL Access to the worldwide gravimetric database : land, marine & reference data.. 129 
  Applied Geophysics Acquisition, interpretation and reprocessing of aeromagnetic data 154 
  Vertical Mapper Add on that produces and handles raster datasets within MapInfo 157 
  GeoTIFF Examine Adds georeferencing information to normal TIFFs and extracts it from GeoTIFFs 123 
  Airborne Geophysics Workshop (Dr. W.E.S.(Ted) Urquhart) Airborne Geophysics Workshop notes 130 
  Andes Geophysical Laboratory Andean geophysical data products 127 
  Manifold GIS Another GIS system with a wide user base 163 
  ERDAS Another image processing package 134 
  PCI Another image processing package 125 
  Arcinfo Another popular GIS 121 
  Potent Another potential-field forward modelling and inversion tools used in the minerals exploration industry, similar to ModelVision 198 
  Jean-Michel Marthelot's Comprehensive Set of Links Another set of links 163 
  Free GeoData Another set of links to various free data sources 197 
  ComputaMaps Another source of global topo and remote sensing data 140 
  Backbone of the Americas — Patagonia to Alaska April 3-7, 2006 • Mendoza, Argentina This GSA special meeting will bring together scientists with an interest in common tectonic problems of the North and South American Cordilleras and continental margins. 202 
  Asia (GETECH) Asia wide gravity and mag compilations 105 
  Structure, Tectonics and Ore Mineralization Processes STOMP Aug. 29 - Sept 2 2005 Townsville, Queensland. Conference of the Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology of the Geological Society of Australia, (TSG or SG&T of Australia). 211 
  NGDC/WDC MGG Boulder-Measured and Estimated Global Seafloor Topography Info Page, The home of the much used Global Seafloor Topography from Satellite Altimetry dataset 145 
  Arabia BRGM Arabian plate geophsyical compilations 113 
  3D Geological Editor BRGM's new system for forward geological modelling and potential-field modelling and inversion 229 
  USGS Satellite Image Browser Browse image viewer for Landsat, Aster, MODIS data 165 
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