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  WORKSHOP Image Analysis & Orientation Imaging - BASEL - 3. - 7. July 2006 WORKSHOP- IMAGE ANALYSIS & ORIENTATION IMAGING IN GEOSCIENCES WHERE ? Computerraum Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institut Bernoullistr.32 4056 Basel 270 
  Wavelet Transform Thesis PhD Thesis of Thomas Ridsdill-Smith entitled The application of the wavelet transform to the processing of aeromagnetic data 130 
  Vulcan Long established 3D modelling system 179 
  Virtuozo (DTM from stereo pairs) Calculates DTM's from a variety of stereo pair sources 134 
  Virtual field trips: the Leeds collection A bunch of "fieldtrips" to the Moine Thrust Belt (fairly extensive), Subalpine thrust belt of SE France, Nanga Parbat, Lebanon and the Western Gneiss Region of Norway. Mostly designed to support UG teaching in Leeds. 171 
  VII. Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies Sept 29 - Oct 1 2005, Opatija, Croatia 206 
  Vertical Mapper Add on that produces and handles raster datasets within MapInfo 155 
  UTS Flies very low level (20m) mag surveys 147 
  UTM World Grids Image of all the UTM zones 155 
  USGS Topo Data Access to scans of topo sheets 149 
  USGS Satellite Image Browser Browse image viewer for Landsat, Aster, MODIS data 163 
  USGS Potential-Field Processing Package Command line, but powerful processing and modelling capabilities 155 
  USGS Geode Program Open Access USGS datasets 112 
  Unlocking 3D Earth Systems — Harnessing New Digital Technologies to Revolutionize Multi-Scale Geologic Models a Penrose conference... 210 
  United States Geological Survey Many forms of on-line data access 108 
  United States Geological Survey Access to many open file geophysical datasets 128 
  United States Geological Survey Main Web Site for USGS 103 
  Undergraduate Field Workshop 2005 During the summer of 2005, the Jackson School of Geosciences is sponsoring an experimental field workshop in Scotland through its seed grant program. The goal of the workshop is to promote discussion of current research in Earth Sciences among School 209 
  UBC GIF Extensive University of British Columbia Geophysical Inversion facility Teaching resources 133 
  Tutorials on Gravity in English and French Tutorials at the BGI site 123 
  TSG Annual Meeting 3-5. Jan 2007 Glasgow Popular Bookmark  contact Zoe Shipton or Clare Bond for details at 509 
  Trabajos de Geologia Geological journal 154 
  The Southern Appalachians Geology and Mineral Deposits of the northern and central Southern Appalachians 169 
  The Society of Exploration Geophysicists The largest applied geophysics society, and publisher of the journals The Leading Edge and Geophsyics. 310 
  The sixth HUTTON SYMPOSIUM, 2-6 July 2007, Stellenbosch, South Africa Popular Bookmark  Topics include: physical aspects of melt migration, ascent and emplacement; magma chamber processes; crust-mantle interactions, etc. There's a special structural session and the conference will be of interest to structural geologists, beyond the mere 768 
  The Learn Structure webpages Bunch of teaching materials - mostly aimed at first year UGs. The 3D thrust system stuff is more involved..... 179 
  The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Publisher of the journal Geophsyical Prospecting, Near Surface Geophsyics, and Petroleum Geoscience 249 
  The Elusive Subcontinental Mantle: Its History, Deformation, and Anisotropy One of many AGU Sessions of Interest, this one convened by Eric Ferre, Dave Kohlstedt & Andrea Tommasi 253 
  The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics Publisher of the journal Exploration Geophysics 235 
  Terra Memoria Museum web site about the geological evolution of the Aveyron region of France 114 
  Tectonophysics   260 
  Tectonics   339 
  Tectonic Studies Group The Tectonic Studies Group has existed since the early 1970s as a forum for discussion of research in structural geology and tectonics. It has the status of a specialist group afilliated to the Geological Society of London. 293 
  Teaching Structural Geology in the 21st Century This site contains a variety of resources for faculty members who teach undergraduate structural geology. It is an excellent and up to date collection of resources. 232 
  Structure, Tectonics and Ore Mineralization Processes STOMP Aug. 29 - Sept 2 2005 Townsville, Queensland. Conference of the Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology of the Geological Society of Australia, (TSG or SG&T of Australia). 209 
  Structural Geology on the Web Comprehensive set of Structural Geology Links 166 
  Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology Resources on the WWW Maintained by Jürgen Kraus, and hosted by the Canadian Tectonics Group 130 
  Steve Sherrif's Teaching Resources Wide variety of teaching and software resources 141 
  Steve Sherrif's Grav/Mag modelling Software Simple potiential-field modelling code 188 
  SPOT SPOT data 138 
  Software Structural geology and borehole geophysics software 311 
  Sigisco Fairly new GIS with stripped down free GIS system available 143 
  Seismic Modelling Environment 3D Modelling system based on morphing between geological cross-sections 177 
  Sander Geophysics Limited Specializes in high resolution airborne surveys for petroleum and mineral exploration, and environmental mapping worldwide 142 
  SAGA freeware GIS SAGA – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses- is a hybrid GIS software. The first objective of SAGA is to give (geo-)scientists an effective but easy learnable platform for the implementation of geoscientific methods, which is achieved by SAGA 242 
  Ron H. Vernon Conference "Sheared magmas in nature and experiment: bridging the brittle and ductile fields" During the last years, it became increasingly apparent that magmas may ascent and crystallize in regional stress-fields and that they have a fundamental impact on the large-scale processes of formation and reorganization of the continental crust. A w 283 
  Rockware Commercial simple geophysical modelling tools 130 
  RiverTools Widely used commercial software that allows sophisticated watershed analysis 122 
  Remote Sensing Links Page Comprehensive List of Satellite Images and Data Sets 158 
  Radarsat Free radar data for Canada 111 
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