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  11. Symposium Tektonik, Struktur- und Kristallingeologie (TSK 11) 5.-7.April 2006: Göttingen - Contact: Dr. Sonja Brenner, Dept. Structural Geology & Geodynamics, Göttingen, Germany, e-Mail: 304 
  2006 Marie Curie Summer School- Composite & Polyphase Materials Next year's Interdisciplinary Materials Science Summer School focuses on Composite and polyphase Materials. Next year's event will be hosted by Dr Sandra Piazolo of Stockholm University, and will run from the 14th to the 24th of August 2006, in Älvda 252 
  33 International Geological Congress, Olso 2008 The Scientific Committee invites all Geoscientists to participate in planning the programme of the 33rd IGC held on August 5-14 2008 in Olso, Norway. 198 
  3D Geological Editor BRGM's new system for forward geological modelling and potential-field modelling and inversion 259 
  3DEM Powerful DEM visualiser 176 
  400 Years of De Magnete The history of magnetic research 169 
  Acta Geodinamica   197 
  Africa (GETECH) Continent wide gravity data compilations 124 
  AGSO JAGG 17/2 1997 Collection of papers available for download as pdfs on regional magnetic and radiometric surveys 263 
  AGSO Journal of Australian Geology & Geophysics Complete online Open Access contents of Special Issue on Airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys. 232 
  Airborne Geophysics Workshop (Dr. W.E.S.(Ted) Urquhart) Airborne Geophysics Workshop notes 146 
  Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Server Digital gazeteer 203 
  Andes Geophysical Laboratory Andean geophysical data products 140 
  Applied Geophysics Acquisition, interpretation and reprocessing of aeromagnetic data 172 
  Arabia BRGM Arabian plate geophsyical compilations 129 
  Arcinfo Another popular GIS 140 
  Ark Geophysics INtegrated gravity & seismic interp & software 157 
  Asia (GETECH) Asia wide gravity and mag compilations 121 
  Assynt's Geology Large resource providing information on the geology of Assynt, NW Scotland - especially of the Moine Thrust Belt. Includes lots of historical stuff Peach and Horne, Cadell etc), details on locations, info on thrust systems and lots more too. 202 
  Aster Cheap high resolution multi-band satllite imagery for the whole world 239 
  Aster DTM Coverage Map showing coverage available worldwide for Aster based DTM data 222 
  Aster DTMs DTM calculation from Aster data is still free 224 
  Aster Spectral Libraries Library of spectral characteristics of rocks and minerals 147 
  AsterDTM Calculate DTM's directoy from Aster satellite data 157 
  Atlas of Structural Geophsyics II Online comparison of 3D geological models, resulatant potential-fields, and wavelet transforms of this data 153 
  Australia (State of South Australia), Geophysical data for whole state 133 
  Australia (Northern Territory), Geophysical data for whole Territory 149 
  Backbone of the Americas — Patagonia to Alaska April 3-7, 2006 • Mendoza, Argentina This GSA special meeting will bring together scientists with an interest in common tectonic problems of the North and South American Cordilleras and continental margins. 219 
  BDALTI from National Geografic of France Access to French topographic data 130 
  Bird Geophysical Gravity and magnetic data interpretation. 180 
  BlackArt Software for conversion of scanned contour maps to DTMs 167 
  BLACKART Creates digital terrain models from raster images of contours 159 
  Book on Geophysical Inverse Theory This is the latest version of the inversion book available on-line. By John Scales, Martin Smith and Sven Treitel. New edition due Autumn 2003 152 
  BUREAU GRAVIMETRIQUE INTERNATIONAL Access to the worldwide gravimetric database : land, marine & reference data.. 142 
  Canada Geological Survey of Canada 138 
  Canadian Tectonics Group 25th Anniversary Workshop The 25th anniversary CTG workshop will be held in the Orillia area, central Ontario, on 28-30 October, 2005. Organizers: P.-Y. F. Robin, W.M. Schwerdtner, D.H. Waddington, and Vince Vertolli. The field trip will go to the Shield edge (Gravenhurst map 358 
  Caris GIS popular with Canadian Geologists 196 
  Chips Free, recently released system 213 
  CNES CNES data access point 165 
  COMMERCIAL TERRAIN VISUALIZATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT INFORMATION Overview of hundreds of different DTM software products 296 
  Commision for the Geological Map of the World The CGMW aims are to promote, coordinate and publish synthetic Earth sciences maps, at small scale of continental and/or oceanic areas of the World. It is a non-profit scientific and pedagogic body governed by French law. 193 
  Comprehensive Remote Sensing Resource List Links for all different types of Remote Sensing Resources 220 
  ComputaMaps Another source of global topo and remote sensing data 161 
  Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) is a membership-governed organization that supports and promotes Earth science by developing and maintaining software for computational geophysics and related fields. 186 
  Conrell Digital Geology of the World Digital global geology compilation 177 
  Continental scale ECW Format Landsat mosaics Mosaics of whole earth, plus by continent, 28.5 m pixel resolution 203 
  Crustal fabric, seismic anisotropy, and deformation Special session entitled "T28: Crustal fabric, seismic anisotropy, and deformation" at the Fall 2006 AGU annual meeting to be held December 11-15, 2006 in San Francisco, CA, USA. We hope to attract researchers from across disciplines (seismology, str 206 
  DataMine Long established 3D modelling system 203 
  Deep Exploration Software to convert between many CAD & 3D Modelling formats 202 
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