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 Root  Geological Data 
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Geological Data 
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  Free GeoData Another set of links to various free data sources 200 
  Commision for the Geological Map of the World The CGMW aims are to promote, coordinate and publish synthetic Earth sciences maps, at small scale of continental and/or oceanic areas of the World. It is a non-profit scientific and pedagogic body governed by French law. 174 
  Conrell Digital Geology of the World Digital global geology compilation 158 
  Earth Science Information Partners Gateway to many online Earth Science resources 147 
  Geoscience Australia Ex AGSO, ex BMR, ex Auslig, supplier of geological and geophysical datasets from across Australia 121 
  Geological Survey of Canada Country-wide data compilations 113 
  United States Geological Survey Many forms of on-line data access 109 
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