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  Teaching Structural Geology in the 21st Century This site contains a variety of resources for faculty members who teach undergraduate structural geology. It is an excellent and up to date collection of resources. 237 
  Microstructures Online Principles of microstructure formation. Developed by Mark Jessell and Paul Bons 214 
  Fundamentals of Structural Geology Web site for the new textbook Fundamentals of Structural Geology by David Pollard and Raymond Fletcher published by Cambridge University Press, 2005. Contains color figures and outcrop photos from the textbook, Matlab scripts, exercises, and solution 212 
  Undergraduate Field Workshop 2005 During the summer of 2005, the Jackson School of Geosciences is sponsoring an experimental field workshop in Scotland through its seed grant program. The goal of the workshop is to promote discussion of current research in Earth Sciences among School 211 
  Comprehensive Remote Sensing Resource List Links for all different types of Remote Sensing Resources 205 
  e-modules for structural geology A series of e-learning modules have been produced to go withthe structural geology text by Haakon Fossen 185 
  The Learn Structure webpages Bunch of teaching materials - mostly aimed at first year UGs. The 3D thrust system stuff is more involved..... 181 
  Jean-Michel Marthelot's Comprehensive Set of Links Another set of links 166 
  Microstructures and Textures in Earth Science Université franco- allemande- Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH/UFA) funded summer school emphasises the physics of the measurement techniques and a rigorous approach the mathematical background to texture analysis and illustrate applications of t 165 
  UTM World Grids Image of all the UTM zones 158 
  400 Years of De Magnete The history of magnetic research 155 
  Steve Sherrif's Teaching Resources Wide variety of teaching and software resources 144 
  Digital Terrain Modeling and Mapping Digital Elevation Model Excellent resource for those interested in DEMs 143 
  Introduction to Geophysical Exploration: Melbourne Mirror of Online Course Comprehensive online exploration simulation 142 
  Atlas of Structural Geophsyics II Online comparison of 3D geological models, resulatant potential-fields, and wavelet transforms of this data 138 
  Pascal Sailhac Various Posters & etc 136 
  UBC GIF Extensive University of British Columbia Geophysical Inversion facility Teaching resources 134 
  Wavelet Transform Thesis PhD Thesis of Thomas Ridsdill-Smith entitled The application of the wavelet transform to the processing of aeromagnetic data 133 
  Airborne Geophysics Workshop (Dr. W.E.S.(Ted) Urquhart) Airborne Geophysics Workshop notes 131 
  Tutorials on Gravity in English and French Tutorials at the BGI site 125 
  Note de Cours en GÚophysique AppliquÚe / GÚostatistique Note de Cours en GÚophysique AppliquÚe / GÚostatistique 118 
  MapRef Site devoted to map projections, datums & ellipsoids 115 
  Gravity & Magnetics Exploration Lexicon (Serguei A. Goussev and John W. Peirce) Glossary of terms 106 
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