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Software Utilities 
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  Aster Spectral Libraries Library of spectral characteristics of rocks and minerals 147 
  Geolsoft Geological Software for Structural and Strain Data, Statistics of Orientation Data, Plot of Stereonets and Rose Diagrams, Calculation of Paleostresses, Fold Shape Analysis (Isogons and Fourier) 296 
  GeoTIFF Examine Adds georeferencing information to normal TIFFs and extracts it from GeoTIFFs 131 
  GEOTRANS- Geographic Translator Converts between many a of the various coordinate systems 169 
  GIS File Library Extensive list of software add-ons for various GIS systems. 367 
  Gravity/Geoid Software Various Utilities 151 
  GRIME Links to software capable of reading many types of GIS data 152 
  IGRF Calculator International Geomagnetic Reference Field calculator 149 
  IRGF Map Plots Plot maps of the IGRF components for any date 163 
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