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  AGSO JAGG 17/2 1997 Collection of papers available for download as pdfs on regional magnetic and radiometric surveys 263 
  Geological Society of Africa   245 
  Geological Society of America; Structural Geology, Tectonics Division Provides a lot of information and links to courses in North America. 459 
  Professional Organizations and Societies Links to most major Geophysical Societies 244 
  Tectonic Studies Group The Tectonic Studies Group has existed since the early 1970s as a forum for discussion of research in structural geology and tectonics. It has the status of a specialist group afilliated to the Geological Society of London. 304 
  The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics Publisher of the journal Exploration Geophysics 247 
  The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Publisher of the journal Geophsyical Prospecting, Near Surface Geophsyics, and Petroleum Geoscience 259 
  The Society of Exploration Geophysicists The largest applied geophysics society, and publisher of the journals The Leading Edge and Geophsyics. 320 
_PN_RESULTS: 1 - 8 _PN_OF 8

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