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 Root  Commercial Geophysical Survey Companies 
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Commercial Geophysical Survey Companies 
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  Applied Geophysics Acquisition, interpretation and reprocessing of aeromagnetic data 172 
  Ark Geophysics INtegrated gravity & seismic interp & software 157 
  Bird Geophysical Gravity and magnetic data interpretation. 180 
  EdCon Grav/Mag data acquisisiton 151 
  Fugro Largest geophysical surveyor (ate most of the competitors in the late 1990's) 206 
  Gedco Organises and flies surveys 162 
  Getech Major database of gravity data from around the world 150 
  Integrated Geophysics Corp Data processing and interpretation 169 
  McPhar Flies EM, heli-grav surveys 164 
  Paterson, Grant & Watson One of the long established geophsyical data consultants 149 
  Pearson, deRidder and Johnson Inc Integrated magnetics, Gravity & Geology 147 
  Sander Geophysics Limited Specializes in high resolution airborne surveys for petroleum and mineral exploration, and environmental mapping worldwide 160 
  UTS Flies very low level (20m) mag surveys 162 
_PN_RESULTS: 1 - 13 _PN_OF 13

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