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GIS Software 
Image   Bookmarks Description Hits
  Geotouch 3D GIS system developed for geology & geophysics 162 
  Manifold GIS Another GIS system with a wide user base 162 
  Arcinfo Another popular GIS 120 
  EarthSlot EarthSLOT is a collection of 3D GIS and terrain visualization applications designed to allow scientists, resource managers, educators, and the public better understand our planet. 171 
  Sigisco Fairly new GIS with stripped down free GIS system available 143 
  GeoConcept French GIS system, not used much for geosciences? 140 
  Caris GIS popular with Canadian Geologists 177 
  MapInfo Popular small business GIS 118 
  GRASS Raster based GIS system 143 
  SAGA freeware GIS SAGA – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses- is a hybrid GIS software. The first objective of SAGA is to give (geo-)scientists an effective but easy learnable platform for the implementation of geoscientific methods, which is achieved by SAGA 242 
  GeoVisu This software can display together maps, images, GPS and graphics georeferenced data. It allows geographic and cartographic coordinate conversions. French software (en francais). 133 
  Generic Mapping Tools Widely used cartography tool 132 
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