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GIS Data 
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  GIS Data Depot Wide ranging supplier of GIS formatted data 232 
  Book on Geophysical Inverse Theory This is the latest version of the inversion book available on-line. By John Scales, Martin Smith and Sven Treitel. New edition due Autumn 2003 137 
  NIMA Provides access to various global GIS datasets 140 
  Getty PLace Name Thesaurus Online gazeteer for the world that provided Lat/Long information for each place 122 
  International Potato Center Links to various GIS datasets (OK I liked the name) 142 
  Geography Network Links to many GIS resources 135 
  Free GIS Data Links Page Links to Free GIS Data provided by VectorOne 175 
  Digital Chart of the World Digital global 1:000 000 scale GIS data 268 
  Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Server Digital gazeteer 187 
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