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 Root  3D Geological Modelling 
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3D Geological Modelling 
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  GeoBlock Open Source 3D Modelling system 356 
  FracSys Object Oriented geological database and 3D data visualisation 258 
  GEOL_DH and KAI-2001 AutoCAD applications. GEOL_DH. Graphical representation of geological mining and calculation data in 3D space. Reserve calculation. Graphic log. Digitizing; KAI-2001. Various programs (more than 60) for increase in productivity of work. 254 
  Midland Valley: The Structural Geology Experts Midland Valley is the world leader in the field of structural geology modelling and analysis in the Oil and Gas industry. The key to the success of our approach is kinematic structural modelling built upon geological algorithms. Using Midland Val 249 
  Gocad 3D Geological modelling environment 239 
  3D Geological Editor BRGM's new system for forward geological modelling and potential-field modelling and inversion 233 
  Poly3D and Poly3DGUI A 3D boundary element method code using triangular elements for analyzing 3D data on faults and fractures. 213 
  DataMine Long established 3D modelling system 186 
  Deep Exploration Software to convert between many CAD & 3D Modelling formats 183 
  Vulcan Long established 3D modelling system 181 
  Seismic Modelling Environment 3D Modelling system based on morphing between geological cross-sections 179 
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